Advised Hiking Spots in Europe

Tour Du Mont Blanc – France, Italy & Switzerland

Tour Du Mont Blanc is also known as TMB and also one of the choicest hiking trails in Europe. It covers an impressive 110 miles or 170 kilometers and navigated through more than one country – Switzerland, Italy, and France. It also traverses the whole Mount Blanc Massif located in the Western Alps. This classical pathway can be covered in 11 days anti-clockwise walk. The Blanc is a good hiking pathway for anybody that wants to explore the best hiking parts in Europe.

Alta Via 1 in Italy

Alta Via 1 include Dobbiaco in its northern side and Alta Via Uno in its southern path. It covers 75 miles or 120 kilometers and takes you through the Eastern Dolomites of Italy. The highest point in the hiking path is at 2,752 which is 9,026 feet. It usually takes hikers 10 days to complete the whole route and they get to see the unique scenes in Lagazuoi, Tofana, Civetta, and Pelmo.

The Kings Trail in Sweden

The Kings Trail is also known as Kungsleden and it covers an impressive 270 miles, which is 440 kilometers. It navigates through Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve which is known as the largest protected area in Europe. Most Hikers only cover a section of the pathway. The location is a ski trail in winter periods and a hiking trail during summer periods. You get to see mountain huts on the pathways to take breaks from your journey.

GR20 in Corsica

The GR20 passes through Corsica and it is diagonal from the north to the south. It covers 111 miles or 180 kilometers. Many hikers consider the Gr20 as the most difficult route of all the GR routes while others consider it the most beautiful hiking trail in Europe. It will take about 15 days to cover the distance. In as much as you need little or no climbing equipment, but you need to be in good shape fitness wise when hiking this path.

Hot Spring Route in Iceland

The Hot Spring Route is also known as Laugavegur which means hot spring. It covers an impressive 34 miles or 55 kilometers. It is one of the most popular hiking pathways in Iceland. It takes 2 to 4 days to cover the path. The path links the hot springs area of Landmannalaugar with the glacier valley of Porsmork. If you wish to go a longer route, then going through Fimmvorduhals will keep you walking for two additional days.

Haute Route in Switzerland

The Haute Route covers 111.8 miles, or 180 kilometers and it takes about 10 to 12 days to cover the hiking path. It navigates through a part of the Chamonix town in France and Zermatt town in Switzerland. This is why a lot of hikers consider it as one of the best hike spots in Europe.

Slovenia Mountain Trail in Slovenia

This hiking path covers an impressive 310 miles, or 500 kilometers and it takes about 30 days to cover.