Awesome Hikes You Need to Try

Hikers often look for places where they can test their limits and still savor the thrills of taking long treks around the planet. Luckily, nature has gifted the determined hikers with robust legs, a sturdy pair of lungs several destinations around the world to offer an exhilarating experience. That said, let review some of the most popular hiking destinations, and not in any particular order.

Inca Trail, Peru

Arguably South America’s most famous trail, the Inca Trail lures thousands of hiking aficionados each year. This trail passes through the Sacred Valley, the Machu Picchu and meanders through the mountains, cross valley and ridges, cloud forests and on stopovers on numerous archaeological sites. The region experiences heavy rains for the better part of the year and the best time of year to pay a visit is from April to October. Also, the Inca Trail caters for persons in half-decent physical shape.

Hikers need to equip themselves with well-functioning gear such as boots to tackle the rough terrain and also complete the four-day hike. The trail stands at an altitude of over 4000 meters, hence need for hikers to have a stopover at Cusco for acclimatization purpose and avert altitude sickness. The hiking package includes entrance charges to Machu Picchu, the trail as well as a return ticket to Cusco by train. We suggest that you organize for booking in advance since the daily volume of visitors is controlled.

Mount Kilimanjaro to Marangu

For mountaineers visiting Africa, a trip to the continent’s highest peak which stands at 19,340 feet should feature on their to-do list. The hike provides various climbing options to reach the summit, and it’s worth noting that it takes around five days. Climbers start off at the mountain’s base in the rainforest, after which they climb through the plateau region, and then encounter the tougher parts as altitude sharply rises before reaching the snow and glaciers at the mountain peak. The Marangu route is the best, and unlike other routes, such as Londorossi, Machame and Umbwe have a higher number of hikers.

The heavy rains experienced between March and May don’t bode well for hiking, but in all other times of the year, visitors can enjoy the trails of Tanzania’s flagship. Persons new to hiking should come prepared for an arduous hiking experience that entails facing the danger of altitude sickness, encounters with wildlife and elements.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

The Everest Base Camp Trek gives you an opportunity to boast of having reached the highest mountain peak on earth. The Everest trail passes through spectacular scenery where the Sherpa people of the Solukhumbu reside. The best time to climb Mt. Everest is from March to May before the monsoon season and September to November after the monsoon season. The 185-mile trip from the Everest Base Camp to the peak offers climbers an unforgettable experience. Hiking and hikers are underrated! These hikers are the best of the best, all equally talented and driven.