Experiencing the Kerry Way – Hiking 130 Miles

Ireland is a tourist destination for several thongs; hiking is not one of them. However, if you happen to know that some of the best hiking routes are right in Ireland, you would never pass up on the opportunity to scale the heights. Make sure that you tug along the right gear to power through the Irish weather though. Long distance hiking in a place like Ireland can only be experienced for its flavor with the right clothes and the right guide too. While quaint villages and hillsides are a great treat to the hiker, the promise of venturing to see ancient structures and beautiful shorelines is a surety. There are several hiking trails throughout Ireland, but the one that has been gaining a lot of recognition lately is the Kerry Way. The entire 130 mile stretch of hiking trail is every hiker’s dream to explore the Ring of Kerry.

The History of the Kerry Way

In the 1980s, the Kerry Way began forming so that some of the best landscapes in Ireland can be connected with both newly constructed paths and ancient route. Expect to find both single and double tracks en route. Getting the road up and running was an arduous task that needed carefully collaborating the old with the now. The hilly terrain of the Irish countryside only added to the obstacles. Here is a hiking itinerary that you can include in your travel plans.

Killarney – Glenbeigh

A hike can never go wrong when you start from the most beautiful place you can find. The Killarney countryside promises lakeside views and heads toward the Killarney National Park. The beautiful moors and promise of native deer is part of the package. From the Killarney National Park, the Kerry way extends into the MacGillycuddy Reek which is the highest mountains in all of Ireland. From here you can venture into Glenbeigh that offers coastal surprises.

Glenbeigh to Caherdaniel

From Glenbeigh, take a break and then follow through into Caherdaniel for some of the best scenic views on your trail. Caherdaniel is best known for its iconic farmlands in all of the Kerry County. The path offers hikers a chance to experience gorgeous views of the Skellig Michael from the tiny town of Waterville. Stone forts, castles, and beautiful ocean sites are a familiar spectacle here. If you want to wander away from the Kerry Way loop, you should consider Cahersiveen for the luxury of its coffee houses and pubs. Stay on the hike, and you will be rewarded with beautiful views and ethereal towns right up to Killarney.

Caherdaniel to Killarney

Here you come full circle back to where you started from Killarney. The path from Caherdaniel to Killarney is perfectly squared with farms and colorful villages. Enjoy breakfasts and a quick rest and the many bed n breakfasts in the area for the authentic Irish lifestyle. What better way to finish up a hike than at a pub? The Irish pubs on the road are splendid and the perfect way to finish a Celtic experience.