Hiking Through Mourne Mountain in Ireland


Ireland has a lot to offer when it comes to combining physical activities while exploring the beauty of nature. One of the country’s best spot to enjoy for walking or hiking is Ireland’s famed Mourne Mountains. The residents near the mountains and the hikers that have experienced their beauty describe them as an other-worldly, magical place. There are several hiking routes around the mountains for hikers of various experiences and levels to enjoy. After the hikes and long walks, there are many nearby pubs, accommodations, and restaurants in the areas surrounding the Mourne Mountains.

Slieve Donard and Murlough National Nature Reserve, Newcastle

The Slieve Donard hiking route in Newcastle is for beginner hikers who desires to be rewarded with magnificent views. Slive Donard is Northern Ireland’s highest mountain with a height of 850 meters. The route begins along a well-used trail that flows beside the Glen River with bridges at some points along the trail that hikers need to cross. The path continues on up the Mourne Wall. An alternate way will take some hikers to see the Bloody Bridge and the Bloody River. Another hiking trail in Newcastle passes through the Murlough National Nature Reserve. The reserve is very close to the Mourne Mountains and the Dundrum Bay. There are many attractions to be had here including bird watching and admiring butterflies, wildflowers and sand-dunes while walking or hiking. For beach lovers, this hiking route also has several mountain and coastal paths to enjoy like the Mourne Coastal Path which passes through an old smuggler’s route and beachside paths.

Tollymore Forest Park, Tollymore

The hiking route through the forest park in Tollymore is the top suggested path for nature lovers. The hike begins at the Mountain Trail which takes hikers along the banks of the Shimna River and crosses the Boundary Bridge. Along the way, Luke’s Mountain could be seen as well. The highest point of the forest park is called the Drinn. Here, hikers will be awed by the view of the Irish Sea, Dondrum Bay, and the Mourne Mountains.

Bearnagh and Meelmore, Trassey

Slieve Bearnagh is a mountain that reached 739 meters. It is known for the beautiful granite tors that could be seen at its summit. The mountain’s hiking routes offer a great way to escape from the troubles of everyday life. The route offers views of the nearby mountains like the Sperrins, Strangford Lough, and the Lough Neagh. The journey begins in the Trassey Track, which is the most popular tail used for hiking. After it will pass through the Mourne Way, then the well-grown Clonachullion Woods, and climbs up the steep North Tor.

Castlewellan Forest Park, Castlewellan

The hiking route of Castlewellan Forest Park is among the most prized attractions of the Mourne Mountains. Along the way, hikers get to enjoy sightseeing an old Victorian castle and a shimmering lake. There are walking trails, biking trails, an equestrian centre, a hedge maze, and other activity centres as well. There are several walking trails to choose from depending on which part of the forest park guests want to see. There is Moorish Tower Walk, the Lakeside Walk, the Annesley Garden Walk, and the Cypress Pond Walk, to name a few.