Outdoor Activities in Ireland

Although Ireland is known for its beautiful and ever dynamic winery, it is home to some dramatic scenery and a wide range of outdoor activities that suit all kinds of personalities. Ireland is a place for getting out. There are different options if you want to enjoy the best of outdoors in Ireland from cycling, to the mountaineering and the fabulous beaches, lakes, sheltered coastlines for lovers of water sports. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Ireland.


The famous and loved canoe trail and success of Lough Erne that made up of up to 30 miles of labeled trails through lower and upper Erne, Northern Ireland is going canoe frenzy, with four other trails and several others on the way. Strangford Lough is also the peoples favorite where as part of their path you can have a pit stop on a tiny salt Island where you can pass the night in a converted fishing bothy. It is just a few miles from Belfast, but you should get yourself onto the stretch of water, and you may have the feeling that you are paddling through paradise. There are new trail and both opening up on the North Antrim coast, and this makes canoe trail even more fun.

Kayakers head west on the Black River as they begin their journey, Sun, Sept 7, during the annual Paddle and Pour event in Port Huron.


If you consider yourself a speed king who always enjoy the thrills of careening downhill on a bike, you should find your way to the Ballcourt Mountains in east Limerick and also in north Cork. The trails are spread out in five loops with each indicating the next. You can just select where you want to start and make your way through the Greenwood, Garrane, Streamhill, Mount Russel, and the Castlepook bike loops. Customized by Daffy Davis, the trails run over 90km of Ireland’s most beautiful forests and hill and also through up to six mountains biker-friendly cities.


The society named the Glen of Aherlow’s Failte’s goal is for the people who live here to have a better place to live in and also for the guest and visitors to stay longer. They’ve had sure accomplished their mission with a lot of tourists. As a visitor, you are going to spend your time with a guide who is going to teach you a lot about the region. The guide will share several stories with you and will also point out several photo opportunity as you navigate your way to Christ the King. You will be allowed to sit under the Christ the King statue that is said to bestow a blessing on all the passers-by. Also, the beautiful sights across the Glen of Aherlow and through the Galtee Mountains are definitely worth the walk.


Traditionally seaweed has been an essential food, medicine, and fertilizer in Ireland. Like other traditions, it has been revived with several books about it, bathhouse with it and there are now foraging trips to find and eat it. Join the Atlantic Sea Kayaking in West Cork where all the top paddler and the famous Jim Kennedy has a partner with seaweed expert Sally McKenna, as they take you through the remote inlets and islands in search of the beautiful weeds. You can stay in the nearby South Reen Farm, with the adjacent eco-cool cottage with the secluded beach on a side and the kayaking bays on the other part.

The Waterford Harvest Festival