Top Reasons Why Hiking Makes a Great Hobby

Hiking is a treasured pastime for people of all ages, from all walks of life. Hiking entails everything from taking a brief walk in the woods to climbing a huge mountain with a 30 pound backpack in tow. People who hike for exercise usually hike through the woods and the more seasoned hikers tend to take on major mountains. At any given morning, you can look atop your local mountain and see a great deal of hikers hiking along the trails. Lovers of hiking just can’t get enough of being out on the trail, feeling the wind up against their skin, breathing in the fresh air, and having the sun beaming down on them. It’s a feeling that they just can’t shake and with good reason. There are several reasons why hiking makes a great hobby, so keep reading to find out why.

Great exercise

One excellent benefit of hiking is the amount of exercise that you get from the vigorous walking. Hiking to the top of a mountain is a great way to get in your daily steps. Many people choose to up the difficulty and run, which is great cardio. Who doesn’t love to exercise outdoors? Plus, nature is so much more appealing to look at than a stuffy gym.


The peace and quiet of being out in the woods is rejuvenating. If you are feeling stressed or conflicted, there is no better stress reliever than to take a nice hike in the woods to be alone and collect your thoughts. With nothing out there with you except the birds chirping and crunching of the leaves beneath your feet, you’re sure to come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Bond with nature

It isn’t often that we stop and look around to enjoy the beauty of nature. Nature is one of the most beautiful masterpieces ever created. Simply being away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city is truly amazing. It’s nice to getaway and truly bond with nature and your surroundings every now and again, and there’s no better way than to take a nice hike.

The beauty of nature is intoxicating

Incredible views

You don’t get too many gorgeous views the way you do when you are gazing out at the ocean that goes on for as far as you can see or when you’re at the top of a huge mountain and looking down at the world around you. You truly feel like you’re on top of the world and the views are simply breathtaking. If not for any other reason, take a hike just for the impeccable views.


Who doesn’t love cheap activities? Hiking is one of the cheapest activities that you are going to find. Most park entry fees are under $10 and there are many hiking trails that are simply free. So, you can pick up this hobby and spend less than you do at your favorite coffee shop in a day. Money can’t be the reason for not getting a good hike in, it’s entirely too affordable.

Quality time

If you choose to take a couple of friends or family members with you hiking, there’s no better way to bond and spend some quality time than by hiking a mountain. It’s fun to go on family hikes, especially with children. Nature is a great teacher and has plenty to spark up a child’s curiosity. What better way to bond than over conversation about sticks and trees? The beautiful outdoors is a child’s favorite museum and playground all wrapped up in one. It’s entertaining and healthy for families to get out and hike together.

You don’t need any extras

You don’t need any heavy, expensive equipment to go hiking. Everything that you need for hiking, you basically already have it at home. Good walking shoes or boots, a compass, a backpack for necessities, if you’d like, and water bottles are the bare essentials to taking a long hike. Other hobbies, you need to buy crazy expensive clothes or equipment, which takes all of the fun out of it before you even begin.

You don’t need any heavy, bulky equipment for hiking

Anyone can do it

The best part about hiking is that anyone can do it, from young children to older people. Kids love to hike because it’s something new and older people enjoy getting exercise in. You don’t need any special skills and there’s no requirements for hiking the way there is with other hobbies. Also, there’s no better feeling than taking on a major mountain and reaching the top. You really feel accomplished after that.

Final Thoughts

For all of these reasons and more, people choose to partake in hiking as a hobby. For myself, personally, I tend to stay away from vigorous activity, as I’d much rather spend my time trying to get a hole in one at a nearby country club or trying my luck online in a card game of 21. These are my types of hobbies, but everyone has activities that they would choose over others any day. If you are not a fan of hiking, perhaps, this piece has changed your mind, and if you are an avid hiker, you can probably relate to much of this article. Happy hiking!